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Further Information
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Indian Ashrams are traditionally places where saints and sages practised meditation, and where spiritual knowledge is passed on from master to disciple. The Ashram is a symbol of purity, spirituality, high thinking and service and is a place for sharing the highest wisdom. Ashrams are not just retreats. They are also study centers. Here, sincere aspirants are initiated into the techniques of meditation. They learn the art of selfless service and study scriptures and the teachings of the Masters.

Prem Nagar enshrines the twin ideals of service and meditation. As soon as a person enters the front gate, he experiences the aura of peace. He passes under the seven arches adorned with greenery and fragrant flowers, and arrives at a fountain crowned by four back-to-back statues of a seated Shiva. The arches symbolise the chakras in the body, after traversing which the individual consciousness is united with the Supreme Being, represented by the Shiva fountain. The scriptural quotations lining the main driveway illustrate the fundamental unity of all religions, which is Self-realization and merging of the individual soul with God.

During Shri Hans Ji Maharaj's time a magnificent Satsang Hall was constructed. This hall, now called 'Manasrovar Hall', can accommodate 5000 people and every Sunday public satsang programs are held here. Its vast interior has good natural acoustics. The lower level is lined with portraits of past saints and Masters and quotations from the saints and scriptures of all religions. The upper level, which has a gallery lined with rooms, is adorned with extracts from Shri Maharaj Ji's discourses on the practical Knowledge of God and its realization. The western end of the hall has a stage with a life-size cutout portrait of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. After Shri Maharaj Ji left his mortal body in July 1966, Shri Mata Ji took over the management of the Ashram and his mission. Under her guidance there was a tidal wave of propagation and Knowledge spread not only throughout India but also to the West.

Goverdhan Hall

To meet the growing need for a more spacious hall at Prem Nagar and to protect audiences from inclement weather, Shri Mata Ji laid the foundation stone for another, even larger, building (which was to be called 'Goverdhan Hall'). Since her passing away in 1991 Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj has been supervising its construction, which is now on the verge of completion.

The total covered area is 5541 square meters. The central hall is constructed as a single span without any columns and is surrounded by covered corridors measuring 800 square meters. It was designed by well-known architects and consultants from Hyderabad and Delhi. It is the biggest hall of its type in Asia and will contain the latest equipment for sound, lighting and ventilation. The hall, which can accommodate 50,000 people, has been especially designed for satsang and meditation for those gather here from all over the world.

Shri Hans Tirath

After Shri Hans Ji Maharaj passed away, Shri Mataji commissioned the construction of an exquisite octagonal-shaped shrine, entirely of white marble, on the site of his cremation. This shrine, or 'Samadhi,' was encircled by a marble pathway, and contained a life-size statue of Shri Maharaj Ji seated in meditation. Elegant columns with marble carvings supported a dome-shaped roof.

Plan of the Shri Hans Tirath temple under construction at Shri Prem Nagar Ashram

The Samadhi is now being incorporated into a marvellous temple, which is being constructed beside the Ganges, to house both the statue of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj and that of Shri Mata Ji. This unique structure is crowned with nine pyramid-shaped domes. The interior of the temple is decorated with 32 domes of various sizes.

The intricately patterned floors will be inlaid with white, green, yellow and red marble designs. The walls will also have a marble veneer with flowery borders and panels up to window height. The statues will sit in the center of the shrine beneath the highest dome. The temple has wide passages on all four sides to give added space and clear views of the statues.


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